Tor Jernudd

SACC-Seattle Treasurer

Title: Assistant Attorney General, Government Operations Division

Tor Jernudd is an attorney and a member of the Washington State Bar Association, with experience in the practice areas of litigation, alternative dispute resolution, and criminal defense. He is also a trained mediator. Mr. Jernudd has served both the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office and the Pierce County Department of Assigned Counsel. Prior to his legal career Mr. Jernudd worked for over 20 years in risk management, commodities trading, and logistics. He founded his own commodities trading advisor firm Oden Trading LLC in 1997. Prior to that he worked for Louis Dreyfus Corporation, a global commodities firm. In his last position he was Senior Vice President with global responsibility for coffee and cocoa trading and operations. Prior to that he was Vice President for North American feed-grains and global rice trading following a series of assignments throughout the United States and South America.

Mr. Jernudd has served on various boards and committees including Swedish Board, Emerald City F.C., the coffee committee of the Coffee, Sugar, and Cocoa Exchange, and the Rice Miller’s Association. He has spoken at industry events such as the annual US Department of Agriculture Outlook Conference and participated in several US government sponsored trade missions. In the course of his work, Mr. Jernudd has had opportunities to work with federal and state agencies, elected officials, boards of directors, and foreign governments. Mr. Jernudd graduated from Reed College and earned his Juris Doctor at the University of Washington.